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Trakfitness™ Fitness Club Basic Package

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TrakFitness™ Fitness Club Basic Package

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TrakFitness™ Fitness Club Basic Package

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Package includes one TrakRow™, one TrakBar™ 24, oneTrakBar™42 and eight TrakHandles™.

Help your trainers and members maximize their time and the quality of their experience. You'll find your members doing a variety of cable resistance & functional training all at the same time. Designed with the average size club in mind, this package will enable your members to use all three bars simultaneously while leaving an additional pair of handles for use on your cable crossover or functional trainer.

Any or all of the TrakRow™, TrakBar™24 and TrakBar™42 may be specified without push pins, leaving the TrakHandles™ semi-permanently attached. This configuration may be preferred in high volume settings.

Need addition equipment for your club? Enjoy the same discount on any additional products. Call or email for a quote.

Maximize Returns with TrakHandle™ Pro-line Cable Accessories

Improve the functionality of your cable equipment.

The TrakHandle™ Pro-line cable attachments will help breathe new life into your old cable equipment. The advanced functionality of our attachments allows ergonomically correct movement that is not possible with other equipment, turning your cable equipment into a kinesis type functional powerhouse.

Increase personal training sessions through advanced cable training.

TrakHandle™ Pro-line cable attachments help improve the effectiveness and popularity of personal training programs by enabling trainers to implement unique exercises that are not possible with other attachments.

Attract and retain membership with cutting edge equipment.

TrakHandle™ Pro-line cable attachments are one of the most significant innovations in resistance training in years. Keep your edge on the competition with advanced, state-of-the-art training equipment.

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