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TP Performance Golf Kit

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TP Massage Ball


Performance Golf Kit

The Performance Golf kit is the ultimate package to massage and maintain the eight areas of the body that have the greatest impact on a golfer's swing. This kit is recommended for anyone having aches and pains in areas such as, but not limited to: Soleus, Gastrocnemius, Quadriceps, Psoas, Piriformis, Lats, Pecs, and Thoracic Spine.

The Performance Golf Kit consists of all the tools you will need to conduct the massage manipulations outlined in the TP Golf Guidebook. Day-to-day activity can take its toll on the body. Whether it's training for a triathlon, marathon, sporting event or just general work activities, your body and its biomechanics are continuously being compromised. The way you sit, stand, run, and drive affects the way your body will function- tightness in one area of the body of shows up as pain in another.

Massage has been found to be a great way to counteract the effects of poor biomechanics. Myofascial release refers to the manual massage technique for stretching the fascia and releasing bonds between fascia and muscles with the goal of eliminating pain, increasing range of motion.

Golf Guidebook

The instructional Golf Guidebook, included in this kit, contains a detailed breakdown of the biomechanical chain reaction that occurs when a golfer swings his club. It goes even further to show how to manipulate each of the eight critical areas, using the Trigger Point massage tools.

TP 2-ball

The TP 2-Ball is for use with two massage balls which expands the number of manipulations that are possible. The TP 2-Ball is included in every Performance Golf Kit.

Trigger Point Performance products are specifically designed to support the massage associated with Trigger Point Therapy,
Myofascial Release Therapy and other forms of massage therapy.

*Every Performance Golf Kit includes a Golf Guidebook and a TP 2-ball!

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